"On our own, we didn't know where to start. Getting support from Advisor Legacy was a win-win for everyone."


Get it done the right way.
"On our own, we didn't know where to start. Getting support from Advisor Legacy was a win-win for everyone."


Get it done the right way.

Deal Support Services

A successful transaction requires that the buyer, the seller, and the clients are all extremely satisfied - we make those deals happen!

Benefit from objective, strategic advice

Financial advisors who use third parties to help negotiate their deal terms usually report higher satisfaction with the end result. Our team has handled hundreds of practice sales, and we provide insight, structure, and best practices to one of the most important transactions you can make.

A team of professionals at your service

Get help from our team of professionals including:

  • A Business Analyst who will conduct a valuation of the practice
  • An M&A Expert who will help negotiate the deal terms
  • An Executive Coach who will help construct a transition plan
  • A Business Attorney who will draft an enforceable agreement between parties
  • Help navigating bank financing, if needed

We walk you through the deal step-by-step

We offer the systems, tools and experience to help both parties achieve their goals. Our system was designed to produce mutually beneficial deals. The process is clear and the results are a winning combination for the buyer and seller:

Legal Support

For a transaction as important as a practice sale, handshake deals are way too risky. As part of our Deal Support Service, we ensure that both the buyer and the seller have the appropriate legal contracts and written terms so both parties are protected.

The attorneys that we work with have been fully vetted and were carefully selected because they understand the nuances of our business.

Our Deal Support Service includes the attorney consultations and contracts; however, in some complex circumstances additional legal services are necessary.

If you would like to speak to an attorney about your situation, contact our legal partners.


Step 1
Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Our process begins with a thorough business valuation so that both the buyer and seller can see an unbiased fair market value of the practice.

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Step 2


There is so much more to the deal than price. We help buyers and sellers talk through the terms that are important to both sides, and develop terms that hold both parties accountable to the future outcome of the deal.

Step 3
Contracts and Financing

Contracts and Financing

Once the deal terms have been set, our attorney partners finalize the contracts. Our coaches work with both parties to develop a transition plan and timeline for the practice. If financing is involved, we work with your bank to complete the deal.

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Legal Support

When you are buying a practice, it is so important that you have protection to lessen your downside risks. We ensure that our buyers have the appropriate written terms, such as attrition terms, within their contracts. Our partner attorneys have been fully vetted and were carefully selected because they understand our business and the regulatory rules that govern these transactions.

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Bank Financing

Bank financed deals offer security to the seller and more options to the buyer. We work with banks who specialize in financial advisory practices sales. We can work with both the buyer and seller to determine if bank financing is appropriate for your deal.

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The Grocery Store Test

The Grocery Store test is our test for excellence. We want sellers to envision running into their clients unexpectedly at the grocery store several months after they have transitioned their practice.

Will their client be happy to see them? Will they be pleased with how things turned out? Will they like their new advisor?

If the answers are "Yes" - then we have done our job right.

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Deal Support Services

For buyers and sellers who are already working together but need guidance on finalizing the deal. We walk both parties through every step of the transaction - including help with financing, if needed. This service includes the practice valuation, term negotiations, and the written legal contracts.

Our Deal Support package is billed in two parts, providing you with flexibility and assurance:

50% Down payment to begin the valuation and the negotiations process. Once the deal terms have been decided, Part 2 is due.


250% Remainder due prior to the engagement of the attorney. If the deal does not go through, the second half of the transaction can be cancelled. The first half is non-refundable.

Total Cost: $9,995